Speaking sense to SOCIETY through POETRY

I Let It Out

They say that when a girl loves a man
Its like the game of hide and seek,
because it takes a lot of courage
for a girl to tell a man first,I love you.
Am standing next to him again as we
wait for we evening train
and today I will tell him all I swear.

Am always weak when it comes to you.
You melt me with your eyes.
Your curved lips gives me an imagination
of how our kisses will be.
Like;the best wine in town,
that goes down gliding over
my lips and teeth.
My heart beats to the sound
of your voice.
Your chest will comfort me at night,
as we count the number of children
we will have.

Set me as a seal upon your
For my loves is as strong as
the grave
and my jealousy as cruel
as the grave.
Many waters cant quench this love
neither can floods drawn it.

Don’t gaze at me because
am swarthy, because the sun
has scotched my skin.
But rather lets lay on this tall grass
and watch the sun as it sets.
Lets count its rays as it disappears
and there I will give you my;
time, attention, affection
and make love to you.

Mj Poet



In this God forsaken village
am struggling to raise money
to bury my beloved mother.
Five months later
am standing besides her grave
She is gone where do I go
Because my uncle just grabbed the little
remaining piece of land behind the kitchen
And the auctioneers took everything
including the house to cover for the
loan that paid her hospital bill

Am homeless
luckily today I meet this rich fool
who suck my empty and dry sagging boobs
just to give me his garage to spend the night.
In the morning I had to wash his piglets
just to get some stale soup like them for

I finally get this handsome looking ‘mkokoteni’ man
who takes me to a small hut near the river.
He ruthlessly breaks my virginity
only for me to discover that he is a distance cousin.

Am so lost in this hostile desert
So am on the streets trying to pickpocket
this big man
but am caught and instead of jail
he takes me to his house

Six months in his house
I would call that marriage
Every night he puts a gun besides the bed
and forces me to sleep with him.
Behind my mind I know that
forced sex is rape
but I need food and shelter

It’s now one year and the man wants a child.
To the clinic and what?
we share the same blood.
He must be the man who left my mum pregnant for me
But even more painful is that am barren
He kicks me out
on this cold street.
Am crushed,lost,week and sick
I can’t get a job
so all I do is lie here saidia maskini

I feel a lot of hatred for the world
I can’t see anything to smile about
In this hostile desert
Am so broken and suicide is my next option

But before I kill myself
I remember a rubber stamp that I saw stamped somewhere
SO i raise my eyes up to cry to him
and far on that horizon
I see a small dark cloud forming.
In this hostile desert,
that tells me that;
No matter the present dryness
Its gonner rain

by Mercy Joseph


Four ululations a girl child is born

the world welcomes an angel

Mercy she was named because

It was a pity she came out as a girl

Family and friends had prepared for a boy

Our family was separated from the rest

Simply because my mum had not bore a boy

I remember my mum a farmer was isolated

when I was four I saw him give my mum

a years beating

I remember my mum lost her small finger  protecting me

My personal lawyer she always was

I grew up knowing a man should beat a woman

I hated that, which made me hate men when

I was only five

That morning as my mum was preparing tea

He came with a whip and gave her a beating

out of nothing

I saw it all

When I cried I was shut up by a slap

We were sent parking

to God knows where

A fed up neighbour gave us her corridor

Two weeks later he had pity

Back to the place we called home

Male teachers were my worst enemies

I could not sit with a boy in class

or a male person in a car

I even hated God or isn’t he male?

My best friend was my bottle of beer

only at ten

That one rainy night made the difference

He came smoking as usual

Just a cough

He twisted my wrist and through a thin

crack on the wall I was out

My mum through the window

The highlight was throwing

a burning lamp on her

We left never to come back

There is so much truth in;

The prettiest smile holds the deepest sectets

The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears

and the kindest heart have felt the most pain

Men to me are the worst beast

I hate men with a passion because of him

and now I am whom I am

He comes and wants me to call him dad

I can’t get the courage

His name is JOSEPH

That’s why I call myself Mercy Joseph

so that I can always remember


Do I really need to go to church to have a pastor
lay hands on me that am getting saved
I thought Jesus died on the cross for my sins and hence am saved

Do I have to send money on that m-pesa no scrolling down the screens
to support you mr.pastor so that you can air your program on the tv
if you preach what we require as christians
then go preach in church I will come listen from there

Do I have to wear that long covered dress when going to church
that its respect for God while I walk half naked on the streets
I thought God created us all in his own image
so if i walk half naked in front of my fellow human beings
then that’s not respect for GOD

Christianity has suddenly changed its meaning
people using the word of God to get money
Preaching has become a form of job opportunity
People no longer carry the bible to church they have tablets
Churches have turned out to be fashion houses
people come to show off their latest fashion in clothes,phones & cars
I thought offerings is something from the heart and should be secretive
But people now raise their offerings to be prayed for
so why should’t I feel down with my five shilling while you raise your one thousand

Gospel music has taken another turn
Just by the mention of the word God an artist is good to go

Immorality is happening openly in churches
Married men are dating girls their daughters age in churches
Homosexuality is happening in the men and women organizations
Young people in the youth organizations are having sex
during night church crusades why lie

I am tired of watching the news and my pastor is found in a mshirikas bedroom
another is found in a room with a mechanics wife
My priest is caught in a nuns room or molesting a young boy

How many killings are happening in the mosque
How many grenade attacks are being planned in the mosque

Isn’t it true that something is totally wrong somewhere

I am not aganist religion I go to church I read the bible
I pray and love God but lets call a spade a spade something needs to be done

If we have to stand out as young people
If we have as a country to start our National anthem
Then its high time we do something to clean up those religious places

https://mjthepoet.wordpress.com/2014/12/11/lets do something


I thought I would be born in a rich family

But see the kind of hut I come from

I thought my parents were prominent people

But even the local elders do not recognize them

I though I would learn in a big resourceful school

But see the CDF no door no window school I come from

I thought I would graduate after college

But I can’t even sit for the exams because of lack of  school fees

I thought my sad story would have drawn the companies C.E.O

But he didn’t even offer me a job

I thought I would fly and ride a big expensive car

But am just a mere pedestrian

I thought I would be married by a rich handsome man

But even the local mad man does not recognize me

I thought I would rule the world

But the world called me a poor child